The landscape of this part of northern Lausanne has, for a long time, been bucolic and verdant, both rural and agricultural, bordering on the myth sold by the series of  The Little House on the Prairie. The land that caught our eye contained a country house, both classic and unpretentious, surrounded by agricultural fields. Hidden away. Today, the Olympic capital is extending its urban matrix far from its nerve centre and the plot in question is now located... in the heart of the city. Change of reality, change of paradigm.

In the idea of ​​adapting to these new normalities, the purpose is to move from a single-family house to a multi-family property by apartments. There are six accessible properties, each benefiting from sufficient openings to offer pleasant panoramic views. Consisting of a ground floor and two upper floors, the project therefore offers two properties per level, with four apartments – from 3.5 rooms to 4.5 rooms, and 2.5 room attic apartments. Some consist of 110 m2 while others approach 70 m2. They are generous, especially in their outdoor areas. The parking spaces are in the basement, which allows a larger green and wooded area to be left, a way of preserving the original spirit of the place.

Compact and minimising its footprint on the ground, this microblock of apartments is Minergie-P* certified. It features a wooden frame, which halves the building's carbon footprint, and is built around a concrete stairwell. The facades are ventilated through the use of corrugated Eternit sheets and the building is heated using a geothermal heat pump. The roofs are flat, common to all the owners. The proposal is intended to be a neighbourhood, participative, eco-conscious, which is why the railings are symbolised by plant containers. The view is unobstructed, unhindered. A way of reconciling the constraints and the pleasure of use.

Because privacy is of utmost importance, each apartment is nevertheless largely invisible to others through the use of screens that allow the inhabitants to live happily, without feeling caged in. In the end, it is a small piece of countryside deposited in the middle of the city, where it is ideally a question of being able to enjoy the advantages of both worlds, without sacrificing one or the other. Where the quality of the building and the feeling must be able to be quantified as a life bonus.

* Minergie-P designates energy-efficient buildings and meets the maximum requirements in terms of quality, comfort and energy, thanks in particular to an excellent building envelope.

Sustainable approach

  • Passive Minergie-P building with very low energy consumption
  • Heat production by geothermal heat pump
  • Load-bearing structure in timber frame
  • Eternit facades without chemical treatment or maintenance

Follow our sustainable thinking

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