When we project ourselves into a vision of a family home, it is above all the harmony and the life dynamics of the home that we have in view.
Beyond the mere building, the values transmitted to children by a sustainable and balanced living environment are a guarantee for their future.

For this project, located in the heart of UNESCO-Lavaux, the highest environmental commitments were intended. This passive wood-frame building naturally meets Minergie-P standards.

Its materiality and integration into the landscape also required many reflections on how to to fit in the most organically within the wine-growing terroir of Lavaux – and comply with the specific regulations that apply to it.

The fruits of a particularly careful design process take the form of a house that is as ecological as it is cost-effective in exploitation, and without concession to architectural and functional issues – QED.

Sustainable approach

  • Passive Minergie-P building with very low energy consumption
  • Wooden frame structure

Follow our sustainable thinking

© images & plans: Atelier Nova

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