When the owners decided to buy this listed secular building, it was with the intention of living in it. Over time the idea evolved, and in the end a hotel was created in the revered building located in Bourg-Neuf in Lutry, just a hop and skip away from the lake.
Only the original walls of the building were maintained during the work. The wooden flooring was replaced by concrete slabs, the stairwell was moved to a better position and the new framework included the addition of a terrace with views over the lake and mountains.
As you enter number 4 in Bourg-Neuf you’re immediately enveloped in a space that could be a showroom in Milan. The attics are a nod to the owners’ original idea, making guests feel completely at home in a lounge featuring a wine cellar and kitchen for all to use. The guestrooms, on the other hand, play with the contrasts between untreated ceiling tiles and understated furniture, post-industrial fixtures and fittings, and artisanal oak flooring.
All the elements of the experience have been carefully considered to offer each and every guest an unforgettable memory of their stay on the shores of Lake Geneva.

© photos: Daniela & Tonatiuh / © images de synthèse: Atelier Nova

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