An ancient confectionary transformed, after a makeover, into a traditional house firmly imbedded in the landscape of Lausanne. The space is enhanced in volume and illuminated by a handful of cosmic globes; service dynamics are more fluid and the showcases become real jewellery displays. If Versailles has its Hall of Mirrors, Maison Buet has its Pastry Paradise!

The café, the sales area and the presentation displays have three different shades of flooring. An almond-shaped piece of furniture serves as the main focal point and can be divided as required; illustrated tapestries signed by Vevey artist Tami Hopf remind us of the essentials - the cocoa bean (for the chocolaterie) and the ear of wheat (for the bakery). The tones are chocolate, copper and rye - we find them on the shelves, in the fine detail of a chair, in the heart of a wall lamp...

Because we believe in the know-how and local expertise, the laboratory has been enlarged, enhanced and glazed, in a way to unveil the behind-the-scene secrets. The baskets have been precisely cut by a CNC and offer a graphic counterpoint to the intrically carved oak furniture.

© photos: Daniela & Tonatiuh © illustrations: Tami Hopf, Demian Conrad

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