Boosted by new digital tools and the home office, companies are now fundamentally reviewing their work organisation strategies.

Faced with this announced upheaval, it is now a question of playing on issues of attractiveness, efficiency and rationality in order to put employees in the best possible working conditions. In addition to these principles, for this specific project, it was also a question of complying with the most demanding standards in terms of construction: Greengard Gold certification in order to guarantee the lowest levels of chemical emissions on the materials used; a selection of products involving the shortest transport routes as well as the most environmentally friendly sourcing.

This is how Cartier has chosen to proceed. To achieve this, we have made a clean sweep of the past by carrying out a complete reconstruction of the office spaces, starting from the raw material. On nearly 1,200 m2 of space, we had to rethink our approach to work. In terms of furniture, by reinforcing the issues of functionality, ergonomics and well-being.

In terms of space, playing on the notions of flexibility and adaptability: the different areas are open, the porosity between an old-style office and a modern flexdesk is deliberately erased and the work areas are multiplied so as to diversify interactions. You can now work alone, converse in pairs in a tailor-made cabin, choose to occupy recreational spaces with a panoramic view of the region. As a perfect example of this principle of modularity adapted to the daily cycle, the workshop has designed a piece of furniture that begins as a relaxation cushion corner, extends into a worktop and ends in a possible dining area... invented by their users. Wood also occupies a predominant place in the space, whether it is the storage units or the cloakroom area delimited by a slatted wall.

On the ceiling, Constance Guisset’s pendant lights bring a certain softness to the space, the curtains in the meeting rooms partition without obscuring, the tones are deliberately soft and organic. Each place is different from the others, a way to never get bored and to benefit from offices that facilitate “agility” rather than simple mobility.

For those who despaired of bringing work home, now others will be delighted to go to work in a place thought of as an extension of their interior. Desk Sweet Desk.

Sustainable approach

  • Sustainable sourcing and short circuit of materials used
  • Geenguard Gold environmental certification for all products installed

Follow our sustainable thinking

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