In Temple Square, in the heart of the village of Cully, sits a vineyard house – one of the many in Lavaux – which up until not so long ago housed a cellar.

As part of its renovation and energy upgrade, the roof of the house was completely rebuilt to enable an additional apartment to be constructed at the same time.

The generous three and a half rooms benefit from new light sources in the roof and more particularly from the south-facing dome offering an outlook over the lake and Alps.

The operation also provided an opportunity to renovate the existing apartments.

On the owner’s request, a Feng-shui master participated in every stage of the design so that the layout and colour palette would bring the inhabitants good luck.

Sustainable approach

  • Complete replacement of the roof and installation of high performance insulation
  • Replacement of all glazing in the building

Follow our sustainable thinking

© photos: David Gagnebin

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