At a time when work schedules are undergoing profound changes and the ways in which they are understood are becoming blurred, Atelier Nova offers a multi-faceted, generous, official and unofficial meeting space.

Richemont, the Geneva-based luxury goods group, has a large campus in Villars-sur-Glâne, which can be considered the prestigious jewel of the company.

Within this framework, Atelier Nova has designed a relaxing, collaborative and highly “Swiss army knife” space for some of the 1,200 employees who work there. A buffer zone that allows for meetings to take place between colleagues, clients and/or external points of contact, and which is housed in former Swisscom premises dating from the 1980s-1990s, and whose aim is to provide an airlock, a breathing room, but also flexibility of use for the various users.

The set was first completely emptied, the ceiling technology and ventilation left exposed, but sprayed black. The staircase wall was covered with Schichtex insulation panels, a soundproofing material whose textile appearance, in addition to its intrinsic qualities, reinforces the cosy aesthetics of the premises. The space itself consists of several alcoves for informal, semi-confidential meetings; sofa areas for coffee; and a more conventional work area. Alongside the windows, the custom-designed tables can be unclipped, if necessary, to free up a large part of the space. An elevated, multi-connected deck lounge at the end of the area allows the company to offer IT services to its employees once a week.

The use of oak contrasts with the industrial aspect of the premises and adds to the luxury of the set with a faceted cut-out design, symbolising preciousness and complexity. The additional colours used are acid yellow and Richemont blue, which draw strong dividing lines and reinforce the intimate cocooning of an improvised brainstorming session.

© photos: Daniela & Tonatiuh / © images de synthèse: Atelier Nova

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