“Everything is full of energy and vibrations. Our organs, our cells, vibrate in an immense ocean of energy in constant motion. Among the vibratory waves, the low frequencies are known to have therapeutic virtues.”
This is the mantra of AudioVitality, a Lausanne-based centre with revolutionary technology, and the custodian of a bank of “more than 1,000 patented, classified and personalised low-frequency vibration sounds”.

In this context, our purpose was to intervene in the least intrusive way. By offering a fluid aesthetic, made up of voids and transparency, relying on a relatively neutral chromatic range, but without being categorised as hygienic. AudioVitality is more than a hospital or medical practice, it is a centre that promises to “maximise your body's potential”. The rhythm of the waves – made up of waves and troughs, ebbs and flows – guided our proposals. Here, with a bench with a minimalist aesthetic that undulates along a wall and echoes two Arper armchairs that seem to listen. There, with a luminous snake that crosses the space from side to side, and surmounts an immensely elongated surface, like a suspension bridge between two distant but connected attachment points. We favoured the flow, continuity between the spaces, by creating the least possible interference (if we disregard unavoidable static elements). A layout which is at one with the effects of this therapeutic technology and is as “natural and non-invasive” as possible. The starting point for an architectural branding that reflects the graphic line developed by the Hymn design studio.

The walls are intentionally left white, the shades of grey are discreet, and the lighting blends into the background. The ceiling is more industrial than technical; it has been kept in its natural state, but tinted in the same colours in order to soften the constructive roughness. The private spaces with transparent windows – spaces of objectification – are like living, organic cells, obviously transparent. If it comes to care studios, these have obviously been shielded from the outside view. More than a desire to accumulate or outbid, we proceeded to a design of subtraction, in reference to the work of Dieter Rams, where less is better.


“I only want good vibes 'round me tonight
No negativity in my life
Just good vibes, that's what I like”
HRVY, Matoma – Good Vibes

© photos: Daniela & Tonatiuh / © images de synthèse: Atelier Nova

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