A historic building located in Flon, “Les Jumeaux” has had several lives. Built around 1880, it first served as a prison before being converted into a warehouse like most of the district, which was planned to accommodate a future railway linking Saint-François and Ouchy, passing through Lausanne station (the Jura-Simplon line at the time).

The building in question occupies an entire plateau and houses two companies united under the same roof. BE WTR, on the one hand, with its system which filters and revolutionises tap water; And on the other Audio Vitality, with its sound vibration therapy technology.
In order to get in tune with new work realities, we offered open, flexible spaces, which can be converted according to the needs and tasks of the 30 employees concerned. A central core – the Bulthaupt kitchen, a wall of changing rooms treated with custom-designed industrial mesh and another made of push/pull lockers, all housing toilets and bathrooms – structures the whole and unites the two wings. Large interactive tables (on casters) are available to accommodate the different scenarios of the day. When entering, a black marble desk serves as a check-in, which gives the appearance of an informal concierge, and gives way to a monochrome white worktop symbolising the space for lunch and conviviality.

For convenience, the space was rearranged rather than being completely renovated. The existing ceiling has been lined with a series of acoustic panels. The structural posts were left untouched, because they are a symbol of the history of the building, but also because they resemble statues. The floor was left natural, enhanced here and there by a series of custom-made rugs. At the heart of a system which aims for cosy comfort, a series of alcoves, decorated according to aquatic or sound themes, form cabins for more personalised use.

If the background is studious – with experimentation areas, the hydro lab and the audio studio – the overall atmosphere is reminiscent of an artistic loft. A form of Lausanne factory, reinforced here and there by the presence of works curated by the Murs Porteurs agency.
In addition to the multiple meeting areas and mini conference rooms, two corners specifically designed for greater creativity have been set aside: an amphitheatre made of birch plywood and an “official zone” for brainstorming with a full whiteboard wall.

© photos: Daniela & Tonatiuh

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