Large bay windows on the facade, transparent walls once you have entered, reception desks where the wooden tops and the Corian white blocks are counterbalanced by translucent glass elements. The tone is set from the start, and the message is twofold.

First of all, there is this desire to show a bank that plays with transparency – an implicit promise made to the client. Then, there's that feeling of seeing teams working for you – a promise of trust. With the addition of a mezzanine halfway up and the exposure of the structural beams, the impression is that of observing a living ecosystem, as if it were a buzzing beehive. A beehive in concrete, wood and silkscreened glass on the bay windows, a tribute to Romont, "land of glass and stained-glass windows".

Part of everyday life, this BCF branch is also orientated towards the future, as evidenced by the choice of lighting, designed by Delta Light, or the phonic elements scattered on the walls. Some refer to different phases of the moon, others to constellations. A reinforced impression when we discover the Klein blue of the executive corridor, a cosmic blue that seems to bring us even closer to the stars.

The entire mezzanine is built with a wooden frame.

© photos: Daniela & Tonatiuh / © images de synthèse: Atelier Nova / © video: Maskin Communication

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