We are on the 4th floor of an administrative office building, at the entrance to the management offices. In this “intermediary” space, our objective was to create a reception area that would act as both a reception desk and waiting room; to provide a quality, friendly service when welcoming a mostly VIP clientele. 
To do this, two areas were created to maintain a sense of privacy, with each complementing the other in terms of use, and reflecting each other through the materials used.

The reception desk is a block of flamed granite crafted in perfectly straight lines. This fits into an oak box with wooden panels, giving a cutout effect with a multitude of graphic edges. The waiting room has a carpeted floor and is furnished with armchairs and sofas. It offers the same wooden backdrop, and the granite has its place on the far wall, creating a universe as cosy as it is inspired by nature. The essence of the space is to offer a refuge.

Between the two areas, a high table made of the same stone has been mounted, so as to fit into the structure of a central pillar: a beautiful example of balance between gravity and lightness. This layout is more dynamic and, when needed, can be transformed into its own mini area.

© photos: Daniela & Tonatiuh / © images de synthèse: Atelier Nova

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