Planned within the Gruyère Centre space, in the heart of the city of Bulle, the Urban POYA project offers a simple structure but a multitude of services, combining an ecological concept with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

A pilot project in the development of the Migros catering strategy, this project is aimed at making the most of a space and redefining its uses and functions so that a place is not only occupied during the midday period but also throughout the day. This is no easy task! Ensuring that different types of customers feel at ease in a space that is above all universal, and that these different spaces cover multiple possibilities throughout the day: tomorrow’s quest! This in order to create "a mixture of atmospheres, users and their activities, (...) in order to find activity throughout the place, at any time of the day".

The winning formula? Combine a main purpose (catering) with contemporary concepts (flexibility and ecological sustainability) while maintaining a local identity. To achieve this, the concept offers a complete test of analyses and research pushed to its limits, and a development that plays on the elements (stone island, backlit walls, green walls, etc.) and a regional identity. Decoration based on red, which is the colour of Bulle’s coat of arms, and black and white of Fribourg.

Multifaceted, this restaurant offers the archetypes of semi-fast food as well as more intimate alcoves, connected offices and lounge areas. As an added bonus, the idea of a silkscreened vegetable poya to partition, without closing, the main space.

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