Atelier Nova

Tomorrow deserves the best of what can be done today.

Since 2007 at Atelier Nova, we have believed that a project should encompass structural, sustainable and aesthetic choices from the start. This involves analysing the setting, and a precise approach to the design, anticipated experience of the space, and comfort (acoustics, lighting and materials). Of course, health and construction constraints need to be factored in, as well as the legal framework in place. Today, a successful project means a multitude of skills carried out with precise timing.

As we have grown, this is what has inspired us to bring together talents in all these areas. With our multidisciplinary team, we are able to analyse and anticipate project constraints, lay out a strong vision and surprise you with our creativity.

As a close-knit team with a personal touch, you are at the centre of our work process, and you have access to our experts. We like to call ourselves “the smallest major architectural firm”. Throughout your project, our team will provide you with plenty of options, advice and technical information, so you can follow the process and contribute your knowledge and vision without being overwhelmed.

In short, we are here for you and for the success of your project, and this is what our current clients love about us. Because the spaces of tomorrow deserve expertise today.

Atelier Nova has taken up the diversity challenge. With horizons as broad as they are compatible, our team is the jewel of the studio.

Yanes Wühl



Sophie Cuche

Interior designer - project manager


François Blondel

Partner - director


Fascal Hukker

Strategic designer

David Meier

EPFL SIA architect - member of the executive committee


Alexandra Girard

head of administration

David Stauffacher

Design Manager - member of the executive committee

Alice Adamo

AAM USI architect - project planning specialist


Didier Jordan

Partner - R&D director


Laura Gavilá Lloret

ETSA UPV architect - project manager


Satchmo Jesop

ENSAB architect - conceptual designer

Morgane Echivard

Building drawer

Julie Reeb

Architect - conceptual designer

Jeremy Richard

ENSAPM architect - project manager

Karin Zufferey

HES architect - project manager


Geneviève Guex

IT project manager



If you have strong skills in the fields of architecture, design and project management, send your CV to
If we’re interested in your application, we’ll get back to you.

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