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The table football, Bonzoni naturally, sets the tone as soon as you enter Atelier Nova. Offering a moment of relaxation between projects, the opportunity to restore energy levels, all in the spirit of friendly competition. Our light-filled open space office, nestled in an industrial area just 10 minutes from the centre of Lausanne, houses a team of creatives who work closely together. From the concept and creation of the design through to the architecture and project management, the team has a shared vision of the construction process, whether it be urban architecture or sustainable design for buildings, work spaces and private residences. The freedom each specialist has to take actions and decisions is the essence of design thinking, which Atelier Nova breathes. “We look for solutions together in the spirit of understanding and sharing. We believe that integrating architecture and interior design from the very start enables you to get more consistent solutions. We create spaces people love”. The enthusiasm and passion that inspire Atelier are evident in the way clients are guided through the design process and the way the architects work together to solve problems.

The atmosphere and the tone of a space are crucial elements in its overall design. Creating an interior space that is both welcoming and seductive is not easy. Whether it’s a renovation project or a new build, the interior architects will play an integral role in the project.

We tailor the design process to you, giving you what you need, when you need it. Throughout the project, we will give you a number – though never too many – of options, advice and technical information so you can keep moving forward without feeling overwhelmed.

Atelier’s philosophy is one of "total design", which comprises both the construction and interior, approaching structural and aesthetic considerations with a sustainable mindset.

Our team

Atelier Nova has taken up the diversity challenge. With horizons as broad as they are compatible, our team is the jewel of the studio.

Anne Binggeli


Yanes Wühl


François Blondel


Sophie Cuche

David Meier

Alexandra Girard

David Stauffacher

Alice Adamo


Didier Jordan


Ophélie Coisne


Juan Sobrino

Geneviève Guex


Charles Paschoud


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