To build tomorrow together, the time for vision is now.

Our employees know this well, and will contribute all their skills towards your project. We bring together architecture, design, technology, project management and construction management to make your project a success.
And if you are at the exploration stage in your project, we can help you analyse the constraints, as well as support you in the experience and operating concept you wish to create.
All this with a passion appreciated by our clients, and with sustainability integrated in line with your aspirations.

Discover our areas of work

Workspace 4.0

Rethinking professional spaces for the 21st century employee


Health and wellbeing

Offering a unique emotional, sensory and functional experience


Reception and Sales

Aligning brand values with the feeling and experience of the space


Sustainable construction

Developping an eco-friendly living space, according to your personal aspirations


Hotels and restaurants

Creating a memorable customer experience without neglecting functional aspects


Renovation and energy efficiency

Restoring the functionality, efficiency and freshness of a property while staying as close as possible to contemporary requirements.


Atelier Nova’s 4 major skills

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