Constructing today while thinking about tomorrow.

Sustainable construction

The challenges of the 21st century are now, more than ever before, placing human beings in the heart of our environment.

Atelier Nova believes in developing the architecture in our country in a harmonious and sustainable way. To do this, we need to dream up, design and construct buildings that really respect the environment and its inhabitants.

Also known as Green Building, sustainable construction aims to build or renovate spaces that are highly environmentally – and societally – friendly.

More specifically, it focuses on preserving resources (raw materials, energy, water) to combat climate change (greenhouse gas emissions) and limit waste and other forms of pollution.

Our teams seek to promote the comfort and health of inhabitants through the use of high-quality materials that are good for health and the environment, both for the construction itself and the insulation (thermal and acoustic).

From an economic perspective, the idea is also beneficial: when selling or renting, the price of buildings with a sustainable design are higher than conventional buildings. In terms of life cycle cost, sustainability is more profitable.

Follow our sustainable thinking

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