The key to “augmented” architecture

Client experience

Since our inception, Atelier has been convinced that the spaces we build must, before all else, sympathetically meet human needs. The wellness of the users – created through the practicality of the space – and the emotions sparked are our main goal.

Believers that client experience theories and best practices are not just for commercial spaces, Atelier Nova will help you design your new residence or work place.

Client experience comprises all the emotions and feelings a user has before, during and after they visit a given place. It’s the result of a series of interactions a client has with a brand, company or other living space.

Client experience is the complex outcome of an assortment of elements and factors that take place during the client journey (the atmosphere of the space, relationship with the staff, experience of use, relationship with customer support, tone of messages, etc.).

The nature and the components of the experience can vary a great deal according to the industry. In the hospitality or sales sectors, the client experience will be immediate while in other industries it may be divided among different points of contact.

We see client experience as a highly important source of wellness, satisfaction and loyalty. It also has an impact on recommendations (word-of-mouth, reviews, sponsorship, etc.).

    There are three levels of client experience:
  • Firstly, needs being met
  • Then, how easy and dynamic it is to use
  • And finally, joy and emotions, which are the signs of a successful experience

Our specialists will help you put in place experience scenarios and dynamic zoning until the completion of your project. If you like, we can also help you analyse the way people move around the space and satisfaction levels.

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